Mind Blowing family entertainment

  • Riverdance
  • Cirque du soleil
  • Mamma mia
  • 100 voices of gospel
  • the friends experience
  • lanterna magica
  • zandsculpturenfestival
  • dire straits experience
  • hot wheels monster trucks
  • expo dino world

Led by former Live Nation promoter Manu Braff and set-up in 2015 by a rag tag of weathered and budding professionals, MB Presents has been presenting, promoting, and producing some of the greatest entertainment brands of the world.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition, Cirque du Soleil’s shows Amaluna, Corteo, Quidam and Totem, Riverdance and 2Cellos are amongst the hundreds of acts that underwent MB Presents’ very special kind of “oomph”*

“Working with brands such as Disney, Cirque du Soleil and Universal has molded us into a team that overdelivers. When our clients ask us to jump, we ask ‘How high?’” says Peter, our Ottolenghi & food pairing afficionado in charge of PR, promo and social media.

“I know that once a show is confirmed, a switch inside my head is flipped and managing the project turns into a marathon – you keep going until the mission is accomplished,” says professional runner and yoga fanatic Isabelle who is in charge of leading all special projects.

“I’m the one juggling behind the screen to make sure you’ll be seen everywhere on social media. I’m the team’s colt and so lucky to be surrounded by such talented people,” says our sorcerer apprentice and budding artist Benoit.

“Not only do we promote some of the most exciting shows and exhibitions out there, we have not hesitated to run off the beaten track with new and exciting creative ventures such as ‘Lanterna Magica’ and it has proven to be a truly remarkable adventure for our team” says Manu who’s been spending way too many of his out of office hours exploring the world of Oculus Quest.

* The Cambridge dictionary translates oomph as power, strength or energetic activity

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